Selecting the best quality wine and spirits is our priority.

• Each product that we give our clients – whatever its price or reputation – was previously agreed by our oenologists which tasted then analysed them in our integrated laboratory following a strict scoring grid.

• All the receptions are then carefully checked: a tasting and an analysis, which will be compared to the tasting and analysis at selection, is carried out.

• The presentation and packaging of the products are integral parts of our checks.

• All of our stages of selection and checks are saved and conserved, assuring a perfect traceability of our approach and very valuable historical data.

• NICOLAS’ warehouse is fully air-conditioned, as are 100% of the stores.

• Stores are stocked 1 to 3 times a week to ensure there is a permanent renewal of stock.

• Our fleet vehicles are prepared to guarantee that our products are transported in suitable conditions and temperatures, which are regularly controlled.


The wine merchants at Nicolas are true wine professionals, passionate about the product, concerned with their customer’s satisfaction.

• They all follow a training course with the integrated School Nicolas. There, they acquire a perfect product knowledge which allows them to best advise each client.

• The wine merchants at Nicolas are also constantly informed of the developments in the vineyards.

• They follow regular continual education, completed by visits to the vineyard, tastings in the shop or during our fairs, etc.…

• They only have one vocation: to make each tasting occasion a unique and successful moment of friendliness and serenity.

• The wine merchants challenge their skills by participating in two competitions:

1) The Competition for the Best Wine Merchant in France (Concours du Meilleur caviste de France).

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2) And the Internal Competition for the Best Nicolas Wine Merchant (Concours Interne du Meilleur Caviste NICOLAS)


At Nicolas, we practice a responsible and sustainable approach to our profession:

•  Our responsible and sustainable approach to waste:

We recycle all the waste produced by our operations: cardboard, glass, paper, cork, plastic, etc.

We incentivize our teams to sort and recycle all types of waste materials.

We are constantly searching for ways to implement circular economy loops for our waste.

We only use wood and paper made from eco-managed forests (PEFC or FSC labels for store equipment).

We consider with particular attention the health impacts of products used in our store equipment.

•  Our responsible and sustainable approach to reducing energy and fuel consumption:

We have installed LED lighting throughout our warehouse and offices to reduce our energy consumption. The lights are activated by motion sensors.

These lights are also used in our stores where they hold the advantage of not deviating the temperature and therefore preserving our wines and air-conditioning.

We require that all fleet vehicles used by NICOLAS respect the CO2 charter (ADEME*) and eco driving for transporting our merchandise (this is being set up).

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Our wines are sensitive to heat and hence we ought to regulate and air-condition all our stores to meet the required conditions. However, we encourage the closing of store doors depending on the outside temperatures to regulate and preserve the temperature in store. Additionally, we ensure a careful maintenance of our refrigeration equipment and prioritize the replacement of those with the greatest environmental impact.

•  Our responsible and sustainable approach for the wines that belong to our brands:

We apply the principles of eco-design when choosing the dry materials for our brand’s wines, champagnes, spirits and beers. We also invite our suppliers to orientate their operations in this direction

In 2018, we launched the sale of wines in returnable glass bottles.

•  Our responsible and sustainable approach in the vineyards:

We encourage and favour partners who practice sustainable viticulture practises.

We have participated in support initiates that aim to gather agronomic data which will highlight the value of certain ecological action in the vineyard.

Moreover, we place certified green wines (bio Terra Vitis, HVE, etc.) at the front of our stores and we train the wine merchants to understand these different labels and their significance.


NICOLAS is a company which, since 1822, has cared for the privileged relationships it maintains with its suppliers with an ambition for shared and lasting success. This lasting relationship allows for NICOLAS to benefit, when possible, from the best of each vintage of partners’ cellars.

• NICOLAS makes all the data that the Cellar’s Quality department has about their wines available to each supplier free of charge

• NICOLAS and its organic wine suppliers carefully analyse their organic wines for the presence of agrochemical residues to ensure their safety.

• NICOLAS, in partnership with its suppliers, initiates and monitors research and development projects in agroecology on their properties. The results of these studies are shared in order to contribute towards improving environmental issues at stake.